Ostrowina – the first mention of the village is dated to 1471 when it was a ducal village with a manor house. At the end of the 18th century there was a folwark (‘grange’) here as well as watermills and a school. Gościniec is located in one of the watermills. In 1785 the village was
divided into two parts: Upper and Lower. In 1927 the folwark was purchased by the Berliner Siedlungsgesellschaft and divided into smaller parcels of land. In 1935 due to the Germanization of the existing place names, the Nazi administration changed the historical
name of Ostrowina to the ahistorical name of Werden.

After 1945 the complex consisting of a palace, a manor house and a park was converted into a nursing home which is still fully functional.
It is interesting to know that there were eight watermills on the short stretch of the Oleśnica River (they are marked in blue on the map in the Photo Gallery):