Wroclaw, capital of Lower Silesia is an ideal place for people in love, for party-goers, as well as for people who plan on doing their sightseeing in an active way. Ostrowina is only 45 km from Wroclaw if you take the S8.

Dwarf-hunting will certainly be very attractive for visitors to Wroclaw as there are already over 300 dwarves in the city. Finding all of them is quite a challenge even if you have a special map.

Romantic people should definitely visit the Lovers’ Bridge, one of the 130 bridges in the city, and stunning Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) – one of the oldest parts of Wroclaw. Wroclaw has a lot of tourist attractions. People interested in art can visit the Racławice Panorama, the recently restored Four Dome Pavilion which houses collections of contemporary Polish art, the National Museum and numerous art galleries.
Wroclaw’s Market Square which covers an area of 3.8 ha is a bustling place where visitors from all over the world can be entertained in its various restaurants, clubs and cafes.